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End to the Rumors: Ace of Cakes Reveals Theme, Ingredients for Sysadmin Cake

October 29, 2009

Legendary rockers Van Halen famously said NO BROWN M&Ms while touring (see below, from Smoking Gun) and in keeping with the rockstar theme of the Sysadmin of the Year contest, there will be NO BROWN M&Ms at the rock ‘n roll awards gala Nov. 4. Well at least not in the Ace of Cakes cake that …soihadto rocker Duff Goldman is baking for 200 Sysadmins in Baltimore.

Cake details, it has been revealed, are as follows:

  • Flavors:  a symphony of almond, amaretto cream, Caribbean black rum flavor, carrot, and red velvet.
  • Design: to include the 2009 Sysadmin of the Year logo.
  • No: Brown M&Ms

Here’s the logo:

And here’s the Smoking Gun source of one the most impressive rock’n’roll memes ever.


Profiling “…soihadto” Sysadmin of the Year Gala Headliners… Plus Tweet to Win a Prize

October 27, 2009

The Sysadmin of the Year awards gala is coming up fast… Nov. 4 in the evening at the Large Installation System Administration (LISA) conference in Baltimore.  BigFix has signed indie rockers “…soihadto” to headline the event. In a minute, we’ll profile the band. But first, if you’re into music here’s a quick chance to win something for helping us promote …soihadto and this blogpost.

Tweet your favorite …soihadto song or fact. Append your tweet with the hashtags #soihadto and #sysadmin and you can be one of three lucky winners of TuneUp, the software that “automagically” cleans up your iTunes. A link to the music is below.

Alright… on to profiling the band.

...soihadto are Rahn, Yungwirth, Duff and Honus

…soihadto fuses indie, punk, hardcore and  soul-funk and they are ALL about live music. It is their core. This is what the band has to say about themselves on MySpace:

If any one thing brought the members of …soihadto… together, it’s the belief that music isn’t simply meant to be listened to, it’s to be experienced. Rahn, Duff, Honus and Yungwirth fuel their performances with a love for the pure, immersive sound of performing live.

You can check out three …soihadto songs (and download free MP3s) at…soihadto And there are some great images from various photographers on Flickr.

Duff Goldman, on bass, is perhaps the most known of the four …soihadtoans. He gets his own Wikipedia entry. He is the star of Food TV’s Ace of Cakes, a reality TV show. They make cakes. In fact, as we wrote yesterday, Duff’ll be making a cake for 200 lucky Sysadmins to devour at the gala. Here’s Duff in a funny promo for the show:

The other  guys are equally awesome. You can tell by their music and their MySpace profiles.

Rahn on guitar. His MySpace profile has this to say: “there’s a big difference between talent and gimmick.” Those are some true and honorable words.

Yungwirth, also on guitar, says “Courage makes a King.”

Honus on the drum kit. He says “Who He?” Seems his profile pic answers the question quite well. He awesome!

If you’re at LISA make sure to check out …soihadto. And remember to Tweet to win your musical prize today.



Indie Rockers Soihadto to Headline Sysadmin Awards

October 7, 2009

Baltimore indies rockers Soihadto will headline the Sysadmin of the Year awards November 4.

Soihadto, featuring Food Network’s Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman, will perform at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel for the System Administrator of the Year Awards Gala at the LISA 09 conference.

Ladies and Gents… BigFix presents…. Soihadto: